Coupla Focal

by Rick McLean

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released November 7, 2015

Recorded by Jason Wussow at Beaner's Central in Duluth, MN
Mixed by Jason Wussow and Mike Guello

Performed by:
Rick McLean (guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica)
Mike McLean (drums)



all rights reserved


Rick McLean Duluth, Minnesota

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Track Name: Thanks for the Pen Ben
Well I’m a loner, I’m a rebel I’ve been dancing with the devil
and I’m living every evening like the weekend
Yeah I party til I’m stupid and I’ve had no luck with cupid
‘cause that little fucker’s got some lousy aim
Well I wake up every morning with my body sending warnings
That paradise is troubled territory
No more acting like MacGowan ‘cause
his party days are showin’
and I guess I don’t want the same
And if I forget all of the words that I’ve written
I guess I’ll go and blame it on the booze
But I would be lying to myself if I said I weren’t to blame
But with all that hell raising and nights of blind raging
it was certainly a battle I would lose
So at least for now I’ll be riding on that sober train
Track Name: Luddwig
This young man wanted what everybody wants
but he wasn’t sure how to do it
He wasn’t sure if he wanted love or at least something close to it
So he shopped around from town to town
but he didn’t find what he needed
So he shed some ground with his head down
feeling like he’d been defeated

He strolled up to a village, he’d been doing way too much thinking
He walked into a tavern and that’s when he took to drinking
He met a crazy lady there who matched him shot for shot
She put his hand upon her breast and asked him what he thought
By sundown he was looking for a place to lay his head
By midnight he was laying in that crazy woman’s bed

He woke up in the morning his head screaming like a birth
He turned to see a lady who was twice his size in girth
He stumbled out the door way and out onto the road
To reflect upon a night that he would rather leave untold
He found his way to the town square and to a general store
He wanted some tobacco but he needed twelve cents more
So he went in search of another shop and he wound up in the port
He found another store there but he was still twelve cents short
He took to the street with an empty tin cup in his hand
The folks said he’d have better luck begging with a band

So our young man stood on the dock of a bay watching another ship
with his face on the flag go sailing on without him
He tried to say “hi” to some passers-by
but nobody seemed to give two thoughts about him
So he walked along the shoreline to a populated beach
Where people were having small talk in the water up to there feet
So he swam out far and he dove down deep to see what he could find
But he forgot that people need to breath and then the poor boy died
The poor boy died

He sank down to the bottom with nothing to his name
No one knew he died and they went about their business all the same
Track Name: Cyborg Relations
Well it’s your classic sci-fi tune
Man meets robot, man falls in love with robot, and robots take over
Not to discourage the use of robots

The tale goes on
Man grows accustomed to the robots’ presence and the live in unison
With some tension, of course, and then the robots give birth

The robot babies are adorable
Man loves the little robots, man obsesses over the little robots, and then man becomes a robot
Not to discourage the use of baby robots

Where are we today? Where will me be tomorrow?
Will we be a different species in the end?
Are we growing up to fast? Are we riding the rails to sorrow?
Are we past the point we were meant to comprehend?

Take away convenience and all material goods
Let’s start a community out in the fuckin’ woods
Let us reacquaint ourselves with who we’re supposed to be
We’ve glued ourselves to plastic when there’s so much more to see
Track Name: Son of Luddwig
A teenage child with old folks’ mannerisms
Naturally has a hard time growing up
When he doesn’t know which rising road will fit him
It goes with out saying at some point he’s bound to screw up

Well, the father of this kid had been a drinker
Who left him and his mom when they were young
When his father died it had read in the paper
A young man drowns while people bath in the sun
Track Name: St. James
Whatever happened to St. James, the patron saint of Spain
I think he’s lost his head, I think he’s gone insane
He’s drinking bourbon whiskey and he’s snorting crack cocaine
Oh lord, oh Christ whatever happened to our friend St. James?

Well he was the son of Zebedee, the first to join the Savior
But as of late he’s full of hate and up to strange behavior
He’ll go home with three escorts and he’ll come back out with four
I hate to say, if he stays this way he’ll be a saint no more

Well he gambles on the Sabbath and his new church is a bar
He steals from the collection plate and spends it on cigars
He swears in front of mothers and he swears in front of youth
He’ll get in to a fistfight ‘til he’s only got one tooth

Now James has become a vandal, he’s got three cans of paint
I never thought I’d see this side of the Spanish saint
He stays out ‘til the morning and he drinks until he faints
Oh lord, oh Christ whatever happened to that Spanish saint